Parents and kids agree, Kamparama is the place to be!

Unique activities each week! No two weeks are the same.

 At Kamparama, our camp days are built around exciting themes that last the whole week! Each theme has its unique set of creative, STEM, and movement activities. You can sign your child up for just one week during the summer, or sign up for all nine!

In addition to all of the activities offered, we also believe that campers should be able to self select based on their preferences. This means your child will not be forced into a particular activity if he or she wants to do something else indoors or outdoors–but will always be supervised by one of our Kamparama Staff. Although children will be encouraged to diversify their experiences, we follow their lead. After all, this is their summer!

Regardless of any given theme, each week will include the following activities:

Water Days: Every Thursday, weather permitting, Kamparama will have special activities and playtime that involve water. Campers should be prepared to get wet on these days.

Ice Cream Man: Every other Thursday, the Ice Cream Man will visit Kamparama and share tasty treats for all!

Lunch Bunch: Kamparama provides lunch for campers twice per week. 

Field Trips: Each week features three excursions to local attractions, some at an additional cost. This summer we will be exploring local parks, swimming at Aqua Adventure, bouncing it out at Rock’n Jump and many more!

Stay and Play: If your child is not registered to attend a field trip, they will be able to continue to have fun with their friends during our Stay and Play activities. Children who normally attend the Arundel site will need to be dropped off and picked up by their parents at the Heather Kamparama site on the days they are participating in Stay and Play.                         Please note, if we do not reach our 10 child minimum for “Stay & Play” options, All children will attend the field trip that day. 

Under the Sea

Week 1: June 17th -21st
Week 2: June June 24th-28th

Sandy toes, salty smiles & seashell wishes is how we’re gonna kick off the summer in style! We’ll be diving into ocean slime (or making it), testing out the waters in our sea creature cake walk, seashell painting. Help us in “Finding Nemo tag”, make salt dough sea creatures, tsunami in a bottle. Meet you under the sea for ketchup packet diver and crab soccer. Plenty of sea for you little fishy to have fun!….Sea you there!

Creative Corner

Week 1: Dive into some fun! We will be making ocean beach pudding, ocean slime. Surfs up while we create your own surfboard.

Week 2: Catch the sun & ride the waves as we enjoy our lounge towel swap meet, make sea crystal rock candies & shark fin hats.


Week 1: Salt dough sea creatures. ketchup packet diver, ocean zones bottle.

Week 2: Build your own raft, Dr. Seuss layers project & orbeez stress balls


Week 1: Making a big splash as we play  sharks and minnows, sardines, magnet fishing and crab walk relay!

Week 2: Just keep swimming as we compete in a water cup relay, play beach ball & lifeguard.

Week 1: June 17-21

Field Trips:

Tuesday, June 18th: Stafford park
Wednesday, June 19th: Aqua Adventure $25
Friday, June 21st: Movies (Toy Story 4) $25

Stay and Play:

Wednesday, June 19: Painting seashells, sea creature cake walk, Finding Nemo tag, tsunami in a bottle.

Friday, June 21: Ocean beach pudding, crab soccer, sharks & minnows, five layers of the ocean.

Kamparama has been our go-to camp for the past few years. The activities and staff are amazing. Lots of choice for the kids and great communication with the parents. – Christina, 2017 Kamparama parent

Week 2: June 24-28

Field Trips:

Tuesday, June 25: Coyote Point BBQ $15
Wednesday, June 26: Aqua Adventure $25
Friday, June 28: Happy Hallow $25

Stay and Play:

Wednesday, June 26: Goldfish in a bag, sea creatures Jeopardy, water-gun target practice, ocean rumble.

Friday, June 28: Stingray paper plates, build your own raft (tinfoil penny game), water balloon baseball, school fish mix-up.


Week 3: July 1-5
Week 4: July 8-12

Join us while we take advantage of the sunshine and warm weather in The Great Outdoors! We’ll be making our own compass’, building a powered boat, competing in relay races, making solar ovens and so much more!

Note:  We will be closed on July 4th & 5th. 

Creative Corner

Week 3: We’ll be making compasses, binoculars and creating masterpieces while we paint with squirt guns.

Week 4: Beaded bubble wands, God’s eyes & dream catchers that will be sure to brighten up our dreams!  


Week 3: Make your own ice cream…YUM!  Find out what rainbow bubble snakes are and how to make a powered boat.

Week 4: We’ll be basking in the sun as we put together a propeller plane, bake with our solar ovens, create a sun dial and see if we can get our pulley transportation movin’.


Week 3: The race is on with a hula hoop relay AND beach ball relay! We’ll also be camping out with a fun game of Tent Tag.

Week 4: We’re taking hungry Hungry Hippos to a new level with this fun outside game. And who will win in a friendly game of tug of war and crab soccer???

Week 3: July 1-3 (3 day camp week)

Field Trips:

Tuesday, July 2: Vasona Park $15

My daughter absolutely loved Kamparama! The creative activities, field trips, and wheels days were some of the highlights. – Sarah, 2017 Kamparama parent

Week 4: July 8-12

Field Trips:

Tuesday, July 9: Laurie Meadows Park
Wednesday, July 10: Aqua Adventure $25
Friday, July 12: Golf Land $25

Stay and Play:

Wednesday, July 10: Indoor s’mores, dream catchers and popsicle tents.

Friday, July 12: Make binoculars, build a compass & make kabobs.

Kamparama offers my daughter the chance to catch up with her friends and teachers over the summer. The activities are fun and engaging and she is always excited to have fun with familiar faces. – Abby, 2017 Kamparama parent


Week 5: July 15-19
Week 6: July 22-26

Journey with us to space as we discover everything that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! We’ll blast off in our rocket relay and explore the differences of rocks vs. gas. Look out for those aliens with a fun game of alien pop! 

Creative Corner

Week 5: Discover all the moon phases with paper plates. Paper plates don’t interest you?? How about the moon phases with OREOS! Create straw rockets & ribbon rockets.

Week 6: Moon sand…yep, we’ve got it! Create with moon rice cakes, galaxy rock magnets, and bake in our solar pizza oven.


Week 5: Discover the difference of rocks vs. gas! We’ll also make stomp rockets, moon craters and galaxy dough.

Week 6: Got slime? We do…galaxy slime! We’ll also be experimenting with Jupiter fizz and creating a sun-earth-moon clay model!


Week 5: We’ll be keeping it moving with a fun game of moon ball. Look out for the UFO’s in UFO toss and see who wins the rocket race!

Week 6: You won’t want to miss out on the out of this world obstacle course, moon walker relay race and solar system challenge!

Week 5: July 15-19

Field Trips:

Tuesday, July 16: Beresford Park BBQ $15
Wednesday, July 17: Pump It Up $20
Friday, July 19: Billy Beez $25

Stay and Play:

Wednesday, July 17: Crayon-resist space art, ring Saturn, giant magnetic solar system, planet pizza

Friday, July 19: Alien balloon, pop the alien, galaxy dough, alien cupcake

Where children learn what summer is all about!  – Annick, 2017 Kamparama parent

Week 6: July 22-26

Field Trips:

Tuesday, July 23: Laurelwood Park
Wednesday, July 24: Aqua Adventure $25
Friday, July 26: John’s Incredible Pizza $25

Stay and Play:

Wednesday, July 24: Galaxy rock magnet, galaxy slime, galaxy cookies

Friday, July 26: Candy constellation game, counting down stars, edible constellations

Reliable fun and kids are with staff who care about them. No other camp matches Kamparama.  – Hayden, 2017 Kamparama parent


Week 7: July 29-August 2
Week 8: August 5-9

Bring to light your inner artist and athlete! We’ll determine “How strong is spaghetti?”, compete in a staff vs. kids kickball game, create your own play/skit, design “Pablo Picasso collages”, enjoy a fun filled game of charades and so much more!

Creative Corner

Week 7: Exploring famous artists and recreating some of their beautiful pieces. Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, Andy Warhol’s “Soup Cans”, Michelangelo’s “Sistine Chapel Ceiling” and Pollack inspired Pendulum painting.The kids will also get to create in the kitchen while make Turkey wraps and smoothies!

Week 8: Discover the work of Jackson Pollack while we engage in action painting, create self portraits inspired by the artist Salvador Dali, make Pablo Picasso collages and Frida Kahlo’s water melon painting. We’ll also putting together Birthday Kabobs & a Jackpot salad!


Week 7: Balloon engineers, how strong is spaghetti?, pencil towers, pool noodle shaving cream towers, hot chocolate challenge and gravity painting.

Week 8: Paper building, jelly bean structures, hanger towers, blow cup challenge, build a bridge for 21 elephants and block mock structure challenge.


Week 7: Blind obstacle course, staff vs. kids kickball game, mark your 40 yard dash, skit hour, zoo tag, and life size Jenga game.

Week 8: Punt, pass, kick competition, charades, American Ninja obstacle course, football & baseball games plus a dance competition.

Week 7: July 29-August 2

Field Trips:

Tuesday, July 30: Stafford Park
Wednesday, July 31: Laser Quest $25
Friday, August 2: Rockin’ Jump $25

Stay and Play:

Wednesday, July 31: Guess Who, Super Bowl Nachos, Make Your Own Sports Card
Friday, August 2: Sports Trivia Game Show, Popeye Egg, Haiku Art

Kamparama was convenient, safe and fun.  – Rich, 2017 Kamparama parent

Week 8: August 5-9

Field Trips:

Tuesday, August 6: Laurelwood Park
Wednesday, August 8: Aqua Adventure $25
Friday, August 10: Gilroy Gardens $40

Stay and Play:

Wednesday, August 7: Create a Team Pennant, Sensory Bin Clay Structure, Garlic Bread
Friday, August 9: Drama Masks, Giant Butcher Paper Wall Murals, Fruit Salad

Not only will your children be safe at Kamparama, they will have the time of their lives! Look no further, this camp is excellent! – Matteo, 2017 Kamparama parent


Week 9: August 12-16

Come one, come all–we are bringing the carnival fun to Kamparama! Bring on the silly! We will paint balloons, make Mentos Explode and play hockey…with pool noodles!  At the end of the week, we will hold our very own day-long carnival filled with prizes, food, and tons of games.

Creative Corner

Got Paint?! Enjoy Cotton Candy Painting, Face Painting & Paint a Balloon!


What’s going to happen when we do an Egg Drop?! How about a Mentos Explosion??? We’ll also make Elephant toothpaste.


Carnival is about getting up and being goofy! This week, we will play Duck Duck Sponge, Noodle Hockey & Target Golf!

Week 9: August 12-16

Field Trips:

Tuesday, August 13: Beresford BBQ $15
Wednesday, August 14: Aqua Adventure $25

Stay and Play:

Wednesday, August 14: Popcorn Bucket, Marshmallow and Straw, Elephant Toothpaste

Simply the best around! The clear winner this past summerthe kids love the staff, the field trips, the food and the on-site activities.  – Kim, 2017 Kamparama parent