Parents and kids agree, Kamparama is the place to be!

Small groups, fun activities all summer long!

 At Kamparama this summer, our camp days are built around exciting themes that last for two-week blocks! Each theme has its unique set of creative, STEM, and movement activities.

In addition to all of the activities offered, we also believe that campers should be able to self select based on their preferences. This means your child will not be forced into a particular activity if he or she wants to do something else indoors or outdoors–but will always be supervised by one of our Kamparama Staff. Although children will be encouraged to diversify their experiences, we follow their lead. After all, this is their summer!


Safety Information

Small group cohorts: You can sign your child up for two week blocks at a time, or sign up for all eight weeks! For each two-week block, children will be put in groups with their friends. They will remain in these stable groups for the entire two-week period. 

Other safety measures: We will follow all safety precautions and cleaning procedures, including health checks/screenings. Masks will be required at all times, except while eating, and social distancing guidelines will be followed.


Activity Information

Each two-week block will have a unique theme–see below for details! Regardless of the theme, each week will include the following activities:

Water Days: Every Thursday, weather permitting, Kamparama will have special activities and playtime that involve water. Campers should be prepared to get wet on these days.

Ice Cream Man: Every week, the Ice Cream Man will visit Kamparama and share tasty treats for all!

Wheels All Week: Kids are allowed to bring their “wheels” every Monday and take them home each Friday. Wheel days are every day!

Lunch Bunch: Kamparama will provide lunch for campers every day. 

Entertainment: Every block will feature a day of fun from a visiting entertainer. Stay tuned for details!

*Field Trips: For safety, there will be NO field trips this summer that require buses. If permitted by current health and safety guidance, we may have local park outings. Otherwise, we will stay at our school sites.                       

Block 1: Things We Love

June 14-18: Fandemonium
June 21-25: Plushie-Palooza

All of our favorites, all in one place!


Creative Corner

Week 1: Make a light saber and a paper plate Yoda! Decorate Harry Potter spell books.

Week 2: Color your own teddy bear


Week 1: Drinkable potion science, ooooh!


Week 1: Prepare for a light saber battle royale!

Week 2: We have two fun games planned: Potato Chip Pusheen Minute to Win It and a Teddy Launch.

Kamparama has been our go-to camp for the past few years. The activities and staff are amazing. Lots of choice for the kids and great communication with the parents. – Christina, 2017 Kamparama parent

Block 2: Mad Scientists

June 28-July 2: Splash Down and Sky High
July 5-9: Kamparama is CLOSED this week.
July 12-16: Exploring and Experimenting

Calling all scientists, adventurers, and artists! We’ll testing the bounds of our creativity and experimentation this block!

Creative Corner

Week 1: Art gets experimental with paint blowing and creating wind socks.

Week 2: Can you feel the wind in your hair? We’re making wind chimes and bubble art!


Week 2: Try a smell test, create volcanoes, and experiment with stained glass


Week 1: Get your towels ready. We’re playing with water balloon pinatas, water jump rope, and testing our balance with ice cream cones.

Week 2: We’ll be cooking up edible aquariums…you don’t want to miss this!

My daughter absolutely loved Kamparama! The creative activities, field trips, and wheels days were some of the highlights. – Sarah, 2017 Kamparama parent

Kamparama offers my daughter the chance to catch up with her friends and teachers over the summer. The activities are fun and engaging and she is always excited to have fun with familiar faces. – Abby, 2017 Kamparama parent

Block 3: Special Days and Special Friends

July 19-23: Disney
July 26-30: Holidays

We’ll spend time with our favorite characters from Toy Story and more, then it’s holidays in July with a special celebration week!

Creative Corner

Week 1: We’re creating one of our favorites–Forkie from Toy Story!

Week 2: Feel the love with heart shaped paper airplanes.


Week 2: Got gravity? We’re making cardboard and clothespin marble runs.


Week 1: The competition is on! It’s time for a Star Wars pool noodle battle, scavenger hunt, and a Toy Story bean bag toss.

Week 2: Two games to test our eyes: Capture the Heart and a Skittle sorting Minute to Win It!

Where children learn what summer is all about!  – Annick, 2017 Kamparama parent

Reliable fun and kids are with staff who care about them. No other camp matches Kamparama.  – Hayden, 2017 Kamparama parent

Block 4: Everything Outdoors

August 2-6: The Summer Safari Challenge
August 9-13: Outdoor Adventure

We’re celebrating the great outdoors–here in our own backyard and on a fantastical trip to Africa!

Creative Corner

Week 1: We’re creating the safari with paper bag zebras and animal masks.

Week 2: Nature is all around us. We’ll make outdoor shelters and crafts with recycled materials.


Week 1: Elephant toothpaste–yum!

Week 2: We’re making crystals. Then get your putter ready for our homemade miniature golf course.


Week 1: Who can complete the drawing blindfolded challenge? Plus we’ll go on a magic carpet ride.

Week 2: We’re getting fresh air with activity hikes off campus, a movement obstacle course, and planting our own flowers.

Kamparama was convenient, safe and fun.  – Rich, 2017 Kamparama parent

Not only will your children be safe at Kamparama, they will have the time of their lives! Look no further, this camp is excellent! – Matteo, 2017 Kamparama parent