Nonstop Fun + Caring Professional Staff = Happy Kids

When kids set foot in Kamparama, they don’t want to leave.



At Kamparama, we live and breathe our philosophy of old fashioned fun and letting kids be kids. What does this mean? It means that although we have activities continuously available, we encourage appropriate independence to try new things at a camper’s own pace based on their interests. Kamparama is set up in a way that provides kids with structure, but not too much structure–giving them room to explore a wide variety of creative, STEM, and movement activities. Bonus! We also have a reading sofa and indoor fort for when campers want to relax indoors in our air conditioned rooms.


Kamparama Leadership

Our staff is extremely important to the success of Kamparama. All of our Camp Staff are professionals with a passion for caring for young children. Most of our staff have been with us for a minimum of 5 years, and many have been with us for 15 years or more.

Every day at Kamparama, there will be at least one Camp Director on site. Each Kamparama location also has their own Camp Manager, who supervises staff and children and deals with the day-to-day operations of the camp. All of our Camp Managers have advanced training, giving them the tools they need to make sure each day of Kamparama is amazing for staff, parents, and children.


Field Trips

We believe in giving our campers enriching experiences outside of camp, which is why each week at camp involves about three field trips (except the week of the Fourth of July and the last week of summer). We are very excited for the wonderful field trips we have planned! Children can attend any of the field trips they want, assuming that they meet the age requirements, if there are any.

Children that do not want to go on the field trips on Wednesdays & Fridays are given the option to “Stay and Play” at Kamparama and can choose from a variety of small group games and activities that are designed with that week’s theme in mind. We are not offering a “Stay and Play” option on park days. For more detailed information on the field trips, click here. Please note, if we do not reach our 10 child minimum for the “Stay & Play” option, all children will attend the field trip for that day.


Lunch Bunch

Kamparama prepares and provides lunch for campers two days a week at no extra cost. The menu for each week is provided here. Please let us know of any allergy or dietary restrictions at the time of camp registration.

Wheels Day

Every Thursday, campers are allowed to bring their “wheels,” i.e. roller blades, scooters, or bikes to camp. A designated spot will be set up at camp for supervised wheel time. Helmets are required. No skateboards.

Our Camp Managers

Liz Benedict

Managing Director & Camp Manager

Anthony Perino

Managing Director & Camp Manager

Jennie Fitzgerald

Camp Manager

Christina Kern

Camp Manager

Katrina San Felipe

Camp Manager

Eve Daskalakis

Camp Manager

Sharol Castillo

Camp Manager

Nancy Viducic

Camp Manager

Angela Thompson

Camp Manager

Jamie Saucedo

Camp Manager

Our Owners

Diane Meade


Terri Tedford